Democracy Dies in Darkness
Connie Fitzsimmons demonstrates against the Mountain Valley Pipeline project. (Craig Hudson for The Post)
The deal does little for the clean energy transition, and expedites a natural gas pipeline. But it keeps intact spending in Biden’s climate bill — an early target for the GOP.
Researcher Alicia Sendrowski stands on a massive pile of logs in northern Canada. (Natalie Kramer)
A pileup of ancient logs nearly as big as Manhattan is trapping millions of tons of carbon in northern Canada – and the warming climate may lead to its releasing much of that stored material into the atmosphere.
(Sarah Shatz/HBO)
A dramatic satire of capitalism’s Great Men, HBO's "Succession" sometimes forgot its great men were fallible, craven and wrong. The finale remembered.
(Demetrius Freeman/The Post)
The clear political divide is extremely rare: Politicians just don’t have as much control over the economy as they say they do. So what’s going on here?
(Sarah Silbiger/Bloomberg News)
The end of the coronavirus public health emergency has left long-covid patients fearful they will be forgotten.
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